Wanted: Looking for HMS 1, used rails or other steel scraps

Aug 31, 2021
We are one of the largest state-owned metal recycling and waste management companies in China. We specialized in metal scrap recycling, processing and sales. We are looking to PURCHASE: Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS) SPECIFICATION: HRS 101 as per China...

Wanted: urgent need of tyre steel friction and nylon friction

Jul 23, 2021
Dear Sir: We need urgently tire processing waste like as steel (nylon) cord rubberised, green tyres, used bladder...ect. If you can supply, please feel free to contact us. We will appreciate it very much to do business with you and looking forward...

Wanted: highly demand steel scraps in long term

Jan 15, 2021
Highly demand steel scraps and in large quantity in long term As one of the leading manufacturer of free weights in the world, we have a large demand for steel scraps all year round,wih a monthly demand of about 5000 tons. If you can supply the...

Wanted: Computer scrap buyers in Hyderabad

Nov 7, 2014
We buy all type of Scrap Vehicles Like Bus, Car, Lorry , Etc.. & We Buy all type of home, office or Industrial scrap such as Ferrous and non ferrous metals Stainless Steel, Aluminum, General Waste, Solar, Plastics & Wood, Electrical Waste,...

Wanted: Globally Recognised Group Involved in metal scrap business

Jun 19, 2014
We are one of leading business groups formed in 1996. Our The group employs over 100 people and operates at various locations around the world. Our Group's core business is recycling of metal-rich waste streams arising from end of life vehicles/...

Wanted: we want to buy Unvulcanised Scrap Rubber

Feb 5, 2010
This is whitney( whitneylu at hotmail dot com)from Delta international co., Ltd. Now, we are in great demand of Scrap Tyre, Green Tyre, Friction waste (nylon/fabric & steel corded) and rubber compound derived from rejected tyre making process. If...

Wanted: stainless steel waste

Jul 18, 2007
Dear Sir/madam , We are one of the largest metal waste buyers in China .We mainly feel interested in some of metal waste ,such as metal scrap ,metal powder ,used rail ,waste metal slag ,waste metal wire ,waste metal sludge ,waste metal sheet ,waste...

Wanted: buy nickel,vanadium,molybdeum,tungsten and precious metals content waste materials

Mar 7, 2007
We import the waste material with nickel content (Ni:3.5%min) as follows: 1, Dewatered electroplating sludge 2, scale or iron oxide from the process of pickling, grinding the surface of stainless steel; 3, nickel, vanadium and molybdenum,tunsten...

Wanted: Waste and Scrap of Iron, Copper, Aluminium,

Jan 26, 2006
Dear All, We are looking for Wate and Scrap of Iron, Copper, Steel, Aluminium, ... If you can supply us the A/M, don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards, H. Esfahani Overseas business director AnnA SDE Co. Tel: 0098-21-8896 7900 & 7901 Fax:...

Wanted: Secondary or waste of H-beam

Nov 14, 2000
Dear Sirs, We need to import to secondary or waste of H-Beam, Waste of Angle, Secondary of Coated Steel coile