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Two section long reach boom

Kede Construction Machine Co, Ltd

Uploaded on 9 years ago
1,Technique: Top welding ,have professional technicians and skilful welding worker, professional design and manufacture.
2,Good quality with competitive price

3,Good services: Fast reply and any problem can solve at prompt time with our sincerity.

4,We can design and customize according to your requirement

5,Accessory included:

1 pcs x Boom
1 pcs x Arm/stick
1pcs x Bucket cylinder
1pcs x Bucket, Grab or custom attachment
1set x Bucket Linkages ( H Link, I Link)
4pcs x Hoses, steel tubes etc.
6pcs x Pins
6,Many different material such as Q345B,Q690D are optional to suit to your application.


Mainly suitable for modification of crawler excavators, based on digging depth and height requirements to customize the length of boom and arm in order to enhance the efficiency and performance.


Designed for the construction of metro station entrances, land reclamation, river, lake, and pond cleaning or dredging projects, digging wells, digging ponds, or highway slope trimming. Also for cement plant watering, pouring , and housing construction foundation engineering.

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