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Timing pulleys and spur gears' hobbing process


Uploaded on 3 years ago
Show you how teeth of the pulleys and spur gears are machined.

Recca Machinery is a professional timing belt pulley, spur gear and bevel gear manufacture and supplier in China. We've started gear production since the year 2006 and always met the rising demand of its customers. Our spur gear, bevel gear products are widely used in the variety of mechanical and industrial fields. All Recca's spur gears and bevel gear products can be made of special materials, with specific heat and surface treatments according to customer requirements. We have a strong capability of surveying, designing, drawing, and processing to accept customized gears largely range from steel spur gear, gear shaft, steel bevel gear, assembled gear, and black anodized aluminum pinion gear. Available materials are including Aluminum, cast iron, steel stainless steel, brass, and plastic.

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