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Special PE Knitting Fabric

E Stronger Woven

Uploaded on 6 years ago
When you catch sight of the PE knitting fabric,You may wondering if they could make for cushion?The answer is "yes",Definitely they can.
Why people not easy to find those kind of the fabric?Usually people call it PP fabric or PP raffia.In the fact, it is made of PE,like mother knitting sweater,It is fashion,breathable,eco-friendly and feel warm like mother's love. We call it PE knitting fabric.
One of our designer from USA, she is crazy about those fabrics.She said that when she saw there was an America's store they sell those cushions, She loves those designs at once. Then spend many time to find out the fabrics.But failed. One day, another customer of E stronger woven met her and introduce to her. She can not wait to fly to us. After she enter into the showroom.She is very exciting and select many styles which she likes.
Well,ESWoven already developed the fabric totally avoid the water get through. You may easy to find it how works in above video. If you want to learn more infos of PE Knitting fabrics.Welcome to get to us.You will be easy to love,feel,touch them.

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