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Segmental casing liner

Kimdrill Industrial Co. Limited

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Segmental casing liners are used in the construction of drilled shaft with the purpose of preventing the collapse of an open-hole. Casing and liners play an important role to guarantee the success of foundation projects.

Segmental casings are made of steel pipe with required length and joined either by welding or by bolting. There are two main types of segmental casings: temporary casings and permanent casings. Both temporary casings and permanent casings serve as the same purpose, the biggest difference between them is the temporary casings are used as a tool that would be removed after the concrete is placed while permanent casings would retain in the place and become a permanent part of a foundation.

Kimdrill can manufacture a series of segmental casings such as double wall casing tube, single wall casing tube and casing tube with slot. Double wall casing tube and single wall casing tube are both have male/ female joint on the end of the tube and joined by bolting. Casing tube with slot are without male/female joint and joined by welding. It's usually used as permanent casings

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