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Shenzhen Chuangyueda Technology Co., Ltd.

Uploaded on 6 years ago
1. Anti film using ultra-fine blinds (MICROLOUVER) optical patented technology so that the information displayed on the screen for the user to read the front, viewing area is 60 degrees, anyone can only see on both sides of the screen to see the black screen.
2. Anti-peeping visible area of 60 degrees from 30 degrees left and right can only see the dark outside (30 degrees away from the left is not seen from the left side of the screen is not visible from 30 degrees, from the right to see, from The right side of the screen is not visible beyond 30 degrees).
3. Ultra-fine blinds Anti-peep film is a special functional optical film, which has a positive transparent, the characteristics of non-transparent side of the screen used in the confidentiality of the content.
For example: in the installation of anti-goggles can be installed to prevent the new ATM withdrawals, the contents of the screen standing in front of people can clearly see the side of the screen from the side of the past is completely black, completely invisible screen content .

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