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Clears blockages, and enhances circulation from the inside out.

Experience the resonance effects of Terahertz waves, Bio-magnetic energy, and human cells all at the same frequency.

Purifies the body, promotes metabolism, removes waste from the body

Clears blockages, detoxifies intestines, burns fat, clears toxins, firms skin, and delays aging.

15 mins a day is equivalent to:

60 mins of aerobic

8 hours of massage with bare hands

60 mins of sweating

30 mins of Gua Sha

180 mins of moxibustion

20 times of cupping

Suitable for:

Individuals with a cold and damp physique

Office workers

Postpartum mothers

Obese individuals

Individuals interested in enhancing their beauty

Middle-aged and elderly individuals

Individuals who sit or stand for prolonged periods

Individuals with hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar

Warm up your body inside out! This practice helps drive away cold and dampness, while also eliminating blockages to promote the rebuilding of a healthier you.

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