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IMPEDO Pedestrian Turnstile

Device 4U Sdn Berhad

Uploaded on 9 years ago
IMPEDO is a pedestrian turnstile enhancing building access control with high level of security, and architectural integrity with its slim appearance. Being more than barrier and people counter, IMPEDO is more secure and less obtrusive by blending with building aesthetics, providing critical tailgate detection and fully integrating with existing or new-age access control systems. Having right combination of security and design for any lobby and entrance areas, IMPEDO swing barrier turnstile features a state-of-art technology incorporated with its motor drives, microprocessor controls, and sensors, plus the industries first LCD display system, to give unrivaled durability, reliability, and aesthetic. Designed for both Bi-directional and Uni-directional lane set-up, IMPEDO expedites traffic flow even during peak hours by its fast passage through rate of 35 to 40 people per minute.
IMPEDO is not only the first Malaysian invented pedestrian turnstile, but also the first in the World that incorporates a 7’’ LCD module which enables the display of visual messages, advertisements, and audio annunciation.

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