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Fujian Guangbo Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd

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Guangbo Fire Protection Online Shopping Website is operated by Fujian Guangbo Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. Welcome customers to consult online for fire protection equipment wholesale / retail services, and fire protection technical systems. We are trying to build one trusting cost-effective equipment online sales for domestic and abroad fire protection.

Guangbo create good brand with trusting fire fighting equipment, provide excellent quality and competitive prices for customers. Our business thought is that " Quality is life, Protection is responsibility"

Guangbo Brand mainly Fire Fighting Equipment as bellow:

1. Automatic Fire sprinklers and parts (Water spray nozzle / water curtain nozzle / Vertical / Pendant / Sidewall / Concealed fire sprinkler);

2. Alarm Valve series (wet alarm valve / rain alarm valve / Pre-action automatic sprinkler Extinguishing system);

3. Outdoor Fire Hydrant: SS type ground fire hydrant / anti-collision pressure regulating type ground fire hydrant / SA type underground fire hydrant / SQS type ground fire pump adapter fire pump adapter;

Indoor Fire Hydrant ( Rotary Type / Decompression Regulator Type / Rotary Regulator Type / Siamese Regulator Type );

4. Fire gate valve series / Fire butterfly valve series (Wafer type butterfly valve / groove type fire signal butterfly valve);

5. Multi-purpose fire pump adapter (SQD ground type / SQD underground multi-purpose)

6. Water Supply Valve Series (Ming Bar Elastic Seat Seal Valve / Dark Bar Elastic Seat Seal Valve / Wire Port Soft Seal Gate Valve)

Help buyers to purchase other fire equipment products:

7. Fire DC water gun / Fire Hydrant box / Fire Extinguisher box / Fire Hose Reel / Fire Hose / Portable Fire Hose;

8. Saddle Flow Indicator (OEM / ODM)

9. Ultrasonic Flow Meter / Flow Switch / Water Hammer Absorber / Pressure Reducing Valve.

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