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Check out our garlic cultivation base in China

Aaermes Trade Co.Ltd.

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When clients come to us for garlic, they always want one thing above everything else: QUALITY. And we deliver. With efficient control over our 46,000 hectares of fields, we offer superb quality around the world.

Founded in 1980, we have been producing and selling high quality, premium garlic for more than 30 years. AAERMES began as a simple packing house, selling whole bulbs of garlic to the marketplace. Over time, we have advanced from a basic packing house to a competitive international trading facility.
Our garlic packing base and warehouse is strategically located in Pizhou - which is one the four major garlic production regions in China. The region is well known for not only a semi-humid warm temperate monsoon climate, abundant sunshine and rainfall (the annual average temperature of 13.9 degrees Celsius, rainfall of 903.6 mm), but also rich, fertile soil. All characteristics devoted to create the ideal conditions for growing garlic.

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