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CCM Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

CCM Automation Technology Co. LTD

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CCM Product Features

· Rail type: Belt-driven Model: W40/ W45/ W50/ W60; Ball-screw Model: S35-50/ S35-100/ S35-150

· Max Load: Slider load: 5 - 35 Kg

· Moment: 2 - 15Nm

· Speed: 1.5 m/s

· Linear accuracy: < 0.03mm for belt driven

· Positional repeatability:<0.05mm for belt driven; <0.02mm for Ball screw

· Total length available: 300 - 6000mm for belt driven; 50mm-150mm for ball screw

· Guide body: anodized alumnum housing with chrome steel shaft

· Self-cleaning function

· Multiple configurations

· 3 Lows: low friction, low noise, low vibration

· 3 Highs: high quality, high performance, high cost efficiency

· Applications: timelapse photographic device, laser cutting and engraving machines,CNC machines, glue dispenser, 3D printer, medical devices, spray machinary, lab testing, optics inspection, factory conveyor

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