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Burabi Smart Baby Formula Pro Milk Make

Shenzhen Qianhai Zoome Technology Co.,Ltd.

Uploaded on 5 years ago
Smart Formula Milk Maker
3 step & 8seconds , you will get a fresh milk in second.
Fill the water tank with purified water or cold boiled water. Fill the powder container with 400g formula powder
Login in Burabi+, and scan formula bar code to access advised temperature & concentration.

Press the START button on the panel or control by Burabi+.
1. Smart MCU: Over 6000 formula information are recorded in Burabi+ server,scar the formula bar code, it is able to auto-adjust concentration,temperature and volume accordingly. Also you can adjust them on panel or your phone you want, concentration(6-22), temperature(35-70), volume(1-8 ounces/30-240ml).
Quickly Finished and Healthy: Equipped with the Thermoblock instant heating function, it could finish milk within 3 to 8 seconds(decided by the volume and temperature of the milk). Say goodbye to constant temperature water or repeatedly boiled water, every time is new water, more healthy.

2. Tritan EX401-BPA Free Material: The powder container(500g), funnel and water tank(1750ml) made by Tritan EX401,which is BPA free, and compared with PP, Tritan is more anti-corrosion and steady. with FDA,FCC,CE,ROSH,RCM etc. certificates.

3. Accurate Measurement: With high-precision weight sensors&temperature sensors, powder and water are dispensed at right amounts. Perfectly mixed without air bubbles or cakes.

4. App Control and Water Function: Not only can control machine on the panle, but also can use smart phone to control it,you can use it in anywhere when you smart phone with Wi-Fi connectivity. Also you can use it like electric kettle, drink water in temperature(35-70)and volume(1-8 ounces/30-240ml) you want.

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