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Rubber shredder machine

Rubber shredder machine

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Rubber Shrdder Machine is used in rubber blocks production line and it's a main processing equipment for granulating nature standard rubber .Clots or mixed rubber was processed by dehydrated creper machine so that make certain amount of water content and thickness crepes suitable for granulating, then we get rhombic rubber granules which are convenient for drying after being granulated .
Structure & Work Principle
This machine mainly consists of rubber shredder roller mechanism, feeding roller mechanism, fixed cutter, adjustment mechanism, transmission parts, reducer, electromotor and chassis.
Work Principle
Rubber shredder roller do the high-speed rotating via belt which driving by the motor, the feeding roller do the opposite work with rubber shredder roller via chains which under the driving of cycloid reducer, feed the rubber sheets into the gap of rubber shredder roller and fixed cutter. Under the high speed of oblique pattern rubber shredder roller, extruding and kneading it so that formed prismatic rubber granules.
Technical Feature
rubber shredder roller
Speed (r/min):1760    Work Length(mm):750 Diameter(mm):365
Pattern  W×D(mm):10*10
Feeding roller
Speed (r/min):65   Work Length(mm):724    Diameter(mm):160
Pattern  W×D(mm):10*10
Type:Y2-280S-4   Speed(r/min):1480   Power(KW):75
cycloid reducer
Speed(r/min);1500   Power(KW):4    Dry rubber  (t/h):2''3 
Overall size
Contact person : Sandy Chen
Email :sales07 at
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