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Creper rubber machine

Creper rubber machine

Zhanjiang Weida Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd.


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Contact person : Sandy Chen

Email/Skype :sales07 at

Whatsapp/ phone :+86 13531092360
Work Principle
This machine consists of a pair of rollers with diamond groove, rack and transmission system. By the relative movement of the front&back rollers, the machine presses and flatten the raw material, dewatering the rubber and removing the impurities. Due to different speeds between the two rollers, the raw material is pressed to crepe sheet with honeycomb surface. The machine is very easy to operate and is with the features of compact structure, high efficiency, low noise and low power consumption etc.

Contact person : Sandy Chen
Wechat: 1785713697
Whatsapp/ phone :+86 18316635487

The machine is used for dewatering and pressing the rubber material into crepe sheet. We can use one creper in family workshop and several in production line as well.

Q: Installation
A: According to clients request, WeiDa machinery can provide installation Technologists to supervise and assist in the assembly and commissioning of the equipment.
Q: What about Warranty? what will we do if the machine is broken dow
A: The warranty period for all of WeiDa's structural and mechanical equipment is normally one year. Wear parts are not covered in warranty unless the component part is found to be flawed.
Q: What should we need to do for if I want to get a suitable machine.
A: Hi, if you want to get the correct and exact selection of the model earlier ,please help us with following information
1).what is your raw material? How about the requires for final product.
2).the capacity (tons per hour )
3).power supply(voltage & frequency)
Q: What could you help me to do for the business ?
A: HIghly appreciate your trust , we can provide you with proposal chart for complete production lines, spot inspection and operator traning according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot , we can help you choose the suitable equipments.
Q: What's your After sales Service
A: All equipment provided by WeiDa Machinery is with the highest standard and very few customer complaint . Should any problems occur, our team of Engineers and Technicians will respond within12 hours of notice by the client. And after selling, we keep monitoring the operation suitation about our machines monthly.