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Automatic food dispenser and ball launcher

Automatic food dispenser and ball launcher



Uploaded on 3 years ago

1. Revolutionary IT product which effectively fuses two basic functions, ball launching and automatic feeding, into one.
2. Pet care product which applies Pavlovian conditioning with its basic functions and promotes convenience, efficiency and practicality.
3. Ability to adjust ball launch distance (Indoors/Outdoors), Feed Release (Time Adjustable), Frequency of Feed Release (Based on number of ball insertion into product) and
Feed Amount. (Four different amount levels)
4. Product suffers no issues with ball or feed obstructions inside the product with the latest technology. (Patented)
5. Product has been designed with safety in mind, including a safe lithium-ion battery casing inside and a round design to ensure no biting problems. (Dog's instinctive habit)
6. Product features a drainage hole to release any fluids that may have gotten inside, as well as a feed outlet that grants access to the feed carton for cleaning and/or feed exchange.
7. Product's fascinating design incorporating a curved design and matching colors allows ideal fit into any surroundings.