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screen printing machine working

Uploaded on 2 years ago

1)This silk screen printing machine series are widely used in the electronics, advertising, package printing, sports equipment, toys, stationary gifts, metal processing industries.
2)Suitable for printing on all kinds of flat materials, print on metal, glass, wood, paper, plastics, membranes switch, PCB,PET heating transfer film, tempered glass, auto windshield, DC card, nameplate ,also printing on bags, non-woven fabrics, ceramic decals, glazing plate glass, label and panel , refrigerator and air-conditioner decals, plastic sheet, and other products with the material of PVC ,PET,PP,PC,PE,BOPP etc all kinds of films, various of nameplate for electronic appliances, membrane switches, panels, soft circuit board, IMD, IML, FPC, rubber vulcanization, heat transfer films, non-woven fabric, color labels for cars, water labeling, ceramic decals, thermal transfer paper, leather, electrostatic film, tetoron , coated paper, adhesive sticker and so on. which have high requirement in overprinting.