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Motor Actuator

Motor Actuator



Uploaded on 4 years ago

This device controls the dampers of heater units and blower units in vehicle HVAC systems to control air flow. There are 3 types of Actuators: Mode, Temp, and Intake. Mode and Temp are installed on Heater Units, and Intake is installed on Blower Units. The Mode Actuator controls air with 5 different modes: VENT, B/L, FOOT, DEF/FOOT, and DEF. The Temp Actuator controls air that passes through the damper, choosing Hot or Cool mode. It also controls the temperature of air that passes through the Heater core through different out-put modes: Vent, BlL, Foot, DEF/Foot, or DEF. The Intake Actuator controls the direction of incoming air with the Damper, receiving air from outside or circulating the air that is already inside the car.