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vibrating line road marking machine

vibrating line road marking machine

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LXD self-propelled vibrating road marking machine is used for marking convex road line,it is equipped with German newest intelligent program controller ,humanized control panel and automatic walking system,which not only improve work efficiency greatly,but also make road line with stronger deformation resistance, 
abrasion resistance,shock resistance,and in accordance with the international standards.

According to the international case statistical data, the traffic accidents will be reduced by more than 30% after convex mark lines are adopted , casualties and economic losses are reduced greatly. As a result experts appeal to the use of this kind of mark line as the standard line for traffic safety.

1. Compulsory deceleration, reminding the driver to slow down in dangerous section such as turns and slopes.
2. Reminding by shakes: remind and warn the driver who in fatigue or absent-mindedly.
3. Glistening in rainy days,to ensure drive safety with clearer sight.
4. Anti-slippery: Magnify the friction with road and slow down the vehicle.