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PP/PE/PPR 3 layer co-extrusion line

PP/PE/PPR 3 layer co-extrusion line

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Co-extruded PP, PE pipe production line
Characteristics of co-extruded PP, PE pipe production line: Adopt 2 or 3 sets of high efficiency single screw extruders and 1 set of special color line extruder, two or three layers of spiral mould to co-extrude double-resistant pipe, Co-extrusion layer with uniform thickness, inner and outer layer use double-resistant material (flame retardant, antistatic), the core layer, using common HDPE, greatly reduce the double resistant material usage, thereby reducing the cost of double resistant pipes. Different function of HDPE, only need to use one production process can be realized. It avoids multiple complex production process to produce double layer multi-function pipe, which can reduce the production and consumption cost; through co-extrusion die heating plasticized melting, no pollution in the production process, and no need of solvent adhesive, plastic pipe material is environmental protection. Die and auxiliary equipment: pipe die adopts the latest design of basket type die or spiral separate flow composite die, so that the function of composite pipes are tightly combined into a whole, give full play to the functions of each layer and each layer can be adjusted independently or combined, the operation is simple.
Spiral separate flow extrusion die is specially designed for extruding PE raw materials, the design of low-pressure flow spiral or basket type mold ensures extrusion of PE pipe under low temperature but high plasticization, special design of the mold core temperature control ensures good performance of PE pipe; according to different raw materials, multi-layer co extrusion die features with low cost for layer structure, low elastic. Easy adjustment and uniform extrusion guarantee melt pressure and even flow quantity, the appearance of pipe is smooth. The mould has the advantages of convenient adjustment, even extruding flow, the sizing sleeve adopt slotting technology and water ring cooling, ensure calibrating precision. Co-extruded PP, PE pipe production line, the control system adopts advanced PLC and colored large screen LCD screen, with perfect alarm system, good human-computer interface, easy to operate.