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Longlast Beauty Moisture Spray

Longlast Beauty Moisture Spray

Global Gangwon Trade Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 2 years ago

It is a compact and lightweight home beauty devices It is simple to install and can be operated from home
It has more excellent moisturizing effect to compare to other moisture cosmetics for it is sprayed evenly to the face by spraying slowly to make the face keep moisture. It is easy to use for female beauty maitainance : face and body management.
Before it was manually application but now with this gadget you can easily apply your cosmetics directly to any parts of the body by simply spraying. Directly spray the formula to the skin after connecting the sprayer to the main body. Turn on the switch machine and connect directly to the main body. The spray gun combines the formula that spray to the skin. Turn on the button then the machine discharge formula and function consecutively. To apply the content water, directly spray to the skin. After using the spray gun wash it certainly.