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Aluminum Flexible duct machine-ATM600A

Aluminum  Flexible duct machine-ATM600A

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Aluminum Foil(PVC Foil) wire round Flexible duct machine-ATM600A
(It is composed of uncoil table ,glue electronic stove and pipe wind machine.)
Main data
Tube forming diameter 80---600mm
tube length range 300mm-----100000mm(or infinity)
Diameter of wire 0.8---1.2mm
Strip width 45mm---60mm
Pipe forming speed 7meter /min( 80mm)
Strip feeding speed 1-40m/min
Dimensions: 2900mmx670mmx1330mm
Weight 500kg
Controlling transducer, PLC control, forming speed can be adjusted
Main motor 2.2 kw, 0-400r/min
Electronic stove Power 2.4kw
stove temperature 55°C