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Mirror cabinet bufffer hinge YS6118

Mirror cabinet bufffer hinge YS6118

Foshan Yongsheng Furniture Cabinet Sanitary Ware Fittings Company


Uploaded on 2 years ago

Product Name:Soft-up Hinge
Model No.:YS6118
Brand Name:YSWJ®
Application Range:Minimum door thickness: 16mm
Twisting Force:5N one piece
Patent No.:201530469543.3 201520938292.3
weight capacity:3.5kg 5kg(Upgraded version)
Life time: 30,000 times

Product Advantages:
A.Soft closing, labor-saving and noiseless when it's working.
B.Without professional slotting, easy to install.
C.Easily Assembling, Save the installation costs.
D.Small, Novel and unique design, applicable to small-sized cabinet and it's space-saving.
E.Obtain lot of patent certificates. Practical and Durable.