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Pump casing machining

Pump casing machining

AP Alloy Industries Company Ltd


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Aopu Alloy Industries Company Ltd is a foundry producing industrial pump parts, valves and complex machinery components with high-precision investment casting (lost wax casting).It was founded in 2000 and originally named Aopu Metal Products Co., Ltd, we focus on manufacturing high-precision and complex components. In 2009 top management decided on a firm drive towards continual improvement and development of both equipment and processes which resulted in a clear raising of standards all round.
Aopu Alloy Industries Company Ltd currently produces bespoke investment casting parts for large reputable heavy industrial manufacturers (especially in the pump industry) such as Sulzer, Andritz, Andritz Ritz, Alfa Laval and Danieli to name a few, we also work with small/medium sized companies throughout the world and supply customised parts according to their designs.