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Fireproof Sponge Foam EVA cutter machine

Fireproof Sponge Foam EVA  cutter machine

aoke die cut carton box packing printing plotter cutting machine company


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carton box sample maker cutter table machine work Principle
Processed through a professional software contains the actual carton box graphics files indentation linear, linear cutting (corrugated paper / cardboard / paper), and may also include dimensions note etc. (cardboard / paper film etc.), according to the actual carton box sample maker cutting machine need to install different cutting tool,different pressure line creasing wheels and different drawing tools, then transfer some CAD file to the carton box sample maker cutting machine through the network or a data cable.the machine will Automatic Identification CAD file, choose the appropriate range of linear and tools (knife / roller / pen) according to the corresponding parameter settings, such as working speed, tool type, blade cutting depth, the depth of indentation and other work to complete the box-like or drawing. etc need to die cut model to make samples in the past. In the past some three-dimensional box-like, objects can not get the real result soon, need to repeatedly go through the changes, assembly to achieve real results.But consumer market competitive changing very fast, carton box sample maker factory need to constantly competing for their own development space. Carton box sample maker cutting machine can shorten the carton box sample maker design cycle to one day. Instead of several weeks in the past. Carton box sample maker customer market need product quality as well as sample maker delivery speed, to win more orders.Stabilizing old customer,expanding and developing new customers as soon as possible, so that carton box maker factory can become stronger and stronger.
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