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acrylic router cutting machine box sample maker

acrylic router cutting machine box sample maker

aoke die cut carton box packing printing plotter cutting machine company


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AOKE CNC flatbed cutter table sample maker plotter machine
similar to ESKO Kongsberg ZUND lasercomb for corrugated board sample maker or short run box production :
1.Cut and crease 0 mm -15 mm 0.6 inch thickness corrugated board /E,B,C,BC,AA,CE ,AAA flutes thickness corrugated board /triple flute corrugated board
2.cut and crease chipboard and grey cardboard - 0-3 mm 0.12 inch
3.V cutting of paper honeycomb , triple flute corrugated board ,PP corrugated
4.cutting of EPE XPS EPS foam 0-60 mm 2.4 inch thickness and laminated corrugated board
5.cutting and creasing preprinted sheets for displays,POP displays.
6.Laser registration system allows the user to place materials accurately on to the cutting area and to register print.
7.An Infra red safety system protects the operator.
8. Suitable for carton factory, printing plant, paper shelf/display manufacturer, packaging material plant, die cut factory, and so on.
9. Machine size 1300mm*1000mm 1700mm*1300mm 2500mm*1600mm 3000mm*1600 mm 3000mm*1800mm 3000mm*2000mm 3500mm*2000mm
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