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artificial rice machinery line

artificial rice machinery line



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artificial rice machinery line twin screw extruder
Artitificial rice Production Description
1.Artificial rice is mainly produced by single-screw extruder. It has the abundant nutrition and the similar shape to the rice. If you want to get the clean, crystal and high-ranking rice, you must use a polishing machine.
2.It has the following features: high degree of automation, saving energy. It takes the rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and all kinds of corns and cereals as raw material and makes the vitamin, protein and mineral composition mixed, extruded, then it can become the rice appearance again.
3.This process is easy and convenient and has the same edible method as the natural rice.
2.Artitificial rice extruder Equipments:
Raw material---Mixer---Screw Conveyor---Single-screw Extruder---Air Conveyor---Five-layer Oven---Air Conveyor---(Polishing Machine)
3.Technological Process
Raw material---Mixing---Screw Conveying---Extruding---Air Conveying---Drying---Polishing
artificial rice production line , is special for rice extruding system.
Its used the broken rice and rice powder as mainly raw material ,after extruding ,shaped the rice again,its save the broken rice ,and during the extruding, its added all kinds of nutritious additive for human body. to keeping the enough good for human healthy.
The artificial rice machinery line is special on the rice shaping and drying ,polishing and packing .
JINAN RENO MACHINERY COMPANY,special on it for long time yet . Our company is on snacks extruder machinery , corn flakes processing line, core filling snacks machinery line,soya protein food machinery,rice machinery ,kurkure plant,pet food machinery ,fish feed machinery and so on and so on . the artificail rice production line is one of them.
This artificial rice funtion is as following :
1. save the broken rice and rice powder during the storage of rice .
2. because during the processing of rice producing from the plant,it will reduce many nutritious parts from rice pellets ,so, our artificial rice production line could adding many nutritious material into the rice powder before keep the good for human health .