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Automatic paper cutting machine

Automatic paper cutting machine

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Roll of Kraft paper, coated paper, plastic sheet, non-woven, cigarette case, wine box, cigarette label, PVC sheet and composite paper and so on

Model  SCM-HQ900 SCM-HQ1100 SCM-HQ1300
Max roll width 900mm 1000mm 1300mm
Max unwinding roll diameter 1500mm
Cutting length 10-9999mm
Cutting error ±0.1mm
Material thickness 25-600g
Infeed speed 30-100m/min
Cutting speed  100 times//min
Power  5Kw 7Kw 9.5Kw
Voltage  AC380V 50HZ
Air pressure 0.8mpa
Weight  3200kg 3800kg 4400kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 5590*2000*1200mm 5590*2200*1200mm 5590*2400*1200mm