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Floorball stick/innebandy/salibandy/unihockey

Floorball stick/innebandy/salibandy/unihockey

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1.Great for indoor or outdoor play

2. Fully integrated carbon and fiberglass construction maximizes power and durability

3.Comfortable grip with a slight tacky feel provides a good handle and feel for the stick

4.Air channels help increase release speed for added velocity and power

5.Blade can be heated for a customized curve

6.Length: 75cm and below and 92cm and above

7.Specification: Senior and Junior

8.Flex: (senior flex) 34+/-2 ; (junior flex) 23+/-2

9.Material: (shaft material) carbon fiber and glass fiber ; (blade material) Plastic

10.Custom graphic is allowed

11.Packing: According to client's request or or nomal package

12.Quality: Controlled by our profession factory QC team