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Hydraulic Patient Stretcher Trolley

Hydraulic Patient Stretcher Trolley

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Uploaded on 4 years ago

Size: 2100*850*600/950mm
Technical Parameter
1.made of cold-rolled steel plate,treated by electro-coating and powder-coating
2.Two American pumps,stable and durable
3.Foot rest controlled by hydraulic,easy operating
4.304 stainless steel IV pole
5.With PU waterproof mattress(50mm)
6.Four central-controlled silent dustproof wheels(200mm)
7.American bakelite plate
8.One-step molding PP dust cover
9.Patent for curve 304 stainless steel implantable handrails
10.Adjustable guide wheel
11.CPR function
12.Backboard with X-ray
13.Centrally controlled brake
14.Detachable IV pole support
15.Dumper castors
16.Ajustable push handles
17.Drainage hook
1.back section´╝Ü 0-75
2.foot section: 0-45
3.trendelenburg: 0-15
4.anti-trendelenburg: 0-15
5.height adjustable:600-950mm
6.Dynamic load capaity: 250Kg
7.Static load capacity: 400Kg
8.Net weight: 132Kg