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Hydraulic gear pump/motor/valve/cylinder intro.

Hydraulic gear pump/motor/valve/cylinder intro.

Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Component Co.,Ltd


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Company strength:
1)Backbone of hydraulic industry in China
2)China leading enterprise of high-performance hydraulic parts
3)High-performance of hydraulic parts engineering research center
4)China Hi-tech enterprise
5)Sichuan innovative company
6)Advanced innovative enterprise in hydraulic industry
7)Sichuan enterprise technology center
8)Top 20 of Sichuan largest machinery manufacturing enterprise
9)ISO9001 quality system and oil API certification
10)Foreigh trade Im.&Ex. management right
11)23 patents,1 innovation patent
12)20 items Science&technology prize of provincial,municipal and industry
13)Sichaun famous brand product:Middle-high series gear pump/cylinder、mutiple directional valve
14)Luzhou academician workstation center (experts)
15)Industry standard setting unit