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Free Stop Gas strut YS314

Free Stop Gas strut YS314

Yongsheng Furniture Fittings Factory


Uploaded on 3 years ago

Product Description:
A. cylinder: seamless steel pipe20#, Φ 15*1mm

B.piston rod: steel 45#, Φ 6mm

C.piston: brassH62,

D.sealing parts: O-ring fluoro rubber,

E.end fittings: PA66,

F.gas: nitrogen,
G.aircraft hydraulic oil ( still work well below 58°)

A.Up opening to 35°, the door free stop at every point
B.The opening angle can be adjustable up and down after assembly.
C.Better for labor-saving
D.Easy to disassemble
E.Compare with YS314-2 free stop, which differ from fittings