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Tatami Gas Spring Strut YS6116

Tatami Gas Spring Strut YS6116

Yongsheng Furniture Fittings Factory


Uploaded on 3 years ago

Product Name:Tatami gas spring strut

Product Model:YST6116
Product Brand:Yongsheng YSWJ®

Relative Parameters:
Suitable height of door:300-600mm;Suitable width of door:300-1200mm(Reference configuration form)
Suitable for upturning door

A. With particularly strong support force,small size, save inside space of cabinet;
B. With free stop function, can open and close any angle according to the usage;
C.Without limitation force when shut off,with buffer effect to prevent the pinch;
D. Mute design,does not affect life and work;
E.With installation templates to simplify the complexity of the installation repeatedly measure steps,save installation cost and time;
F.Not only suitable for tatami, also applies to other large upturning doors.