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We deal in Textile lab Equipment, all kind of Textile Testing Equipments used for AATCC, ASTM, M&S, ISO. Xenon Light Fastness Tester for AATCC 16 E, (new option 3) and ISO recommended methods. We also supply Hospital Furniture, Hospital monitoring and laboratory equipments / systems.

Testing equipment like:- Xenon Light Fastness tester, Light Fastness Tester, Perspiration tester, Yarn Examining Machine, Tumble pilling Tester, Washing Fastness Tester, Wrap reel, Elmendorf Tearing Tester, ICI Pilling tester, (IR) Infrared Dyeing Lab Padder, Light Booth, Color Matching Cabinet, Lab Stanter,

Twist Tester, Twist tester Electronic, Bursting Tester, Manual Wrap Reel, Wrap Reel Electronic, Padding mangle, Perspiration Tester & Incubator, Crockmeter Manual, Crockmeter Electronic, Perspirometer Universal Tensile Tester, Lab humidifier, Lab conditioning chamber, Lab Ovens, ISO and AATCC washing fastness tester, Oscillating dyeing, Digital Refractrometer, Hand held Refractrometer Sample Cutter, GSM cutter Balance, aging oven tester, melting point tester, melting point tester (touch Screen) Carpet Thickness tester, Carpet Tuft tester, etc.

Textile Lab Consumables for AATCC, Consumable for SDC, Consumable for ISO

Force Measuring Equipment: for Force, torque, thickness & other measurements with a big Variety from UK, USA, Australia and China.

Dairy, Foods Filling Packing Machine: New and used butter, margarine forming, wrapping, packing, filling and production machinery. We provide installation, maintenance, on site trouble shooting and training facilities.