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Heiju Presicion Electronic co.,LTD

Heiju Presicion Electronic co.,LTD

Heju Presicion Electronic Co., Ltd.


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Dongguan Heju Precision Electronic Co.,Ltd was established on January 2008.It is an OEM/ODM manufacturer focusing on precision stamping die designing & fabrication,and precision terminal,shield,shrapnel and other precision metal parts,which are widely used on Connectors,Relay,Micro Motor,Audio,IC encapsulation,Automobile electronics,Battery,Smart appliance,Smart wearable devices,medical devices and other comsumer electronics field.
Since August 2015,Heju stamping has 19 sets of high speed press machines which are made in Japan and Taiwan, and more than 120 workers,more than 50 professionals including 8 senior engineers who have over 15 years designing experience,15 intermediate engineers who have rich stamping die making experience, 30 professional engineers and mechanics of tool maintance.
Heju has been sparing no efferts in presicion stamping industry for many years, and makes big diferences in this industry. Heju takes active part in the pre-design for the presicion metal parts of the custumers' productes and ensure the retrenchment of the development cycle and the optimization of the products cost. Heju is a leader that specializes technology innovation of high precision and high complication stampings ,and that optimizes the cost of produces.
Heju stamping devotes itself to becoming the most proffesional electronic stamping parts supplier in the world and take it as a duty to assist customers to improve their produces competition.