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gerber bristle for gerber cutter

gerber bristle for gerber cutter

Shanghai Yilow Mould Co.,Ltd


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Shanghai Yilow Mould Co,Ltd is a professional bristle supplier,the Yilow bristles we developed can be used on auto-cutter machine such as Gerber/ Lectra/Bullmer/ Yin/ Takatori/PGM/FK/OROX , etc. As we concentrate all efforts on bristles, our quality is very good.

Our advantages are our quality and price.We are direct supplier of Kawakami, Eastman,PGM and six Chinese cutter machine factories.

We are confident once you buy our bristle, you would like to build long term relationship with us.

We can also setup tooling to develop bristle according to your request as OEM service.

Our mission is "Best Bristle Supplier in China"!

Welcome to send us a inquiry for any interested products!

Please check the quality test vedio of Yilow Bristle VS other bristles.

Our brand is Yilow.The bristles can be used on auto machine such as Gerber/Lectra/Bullmer/ Yin/ Takatori/PGM/FK/OROX.But there is no relationship between us and these companies. Just because the cutter machine industry always use these brands to describe bristles, we can only describe our products by such words.