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SS2-330FR2 Turntable precise flat screen printer

SS2-330FR2 Turntable precise flat screen printer

Guangdong Ever Bright Printing Machine Fty. Ltd.


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Turntable precise flat screen printer

Max. Printing speed: 2000pcs/hr
Max. Printing area: 250x 180mm
Max. Work-piece height: 180mm
Air consumption: 40 litre/min (6 bar)
Dimensions: 950 x 670 x 1465mm
Weight: 238kg

1.left/right or up/down movements driven by servo motor, high precision beeline guide rail leading, stable operation, high and stable print precision.
2.Left/right print stroke and screen frame up/down stroke can be set by human-computer interface. Stainless steel working table surface with vacuum facility.
3.Left and right, front and rear position and angle of working table can be finely adjusted. Positioning is easy, flexible, accurate and reliable.
4.Angle of squeegee and flood blade can be adjusted to insure balanced and stable printing pressure.
5.Both big and small screen frame are suitable, free space for installation, auto off-frame
6.Added with emergency stop switch and malfunction display automatic function.
7.With jog ,single step, one cycle and automatic function and can be easily switched. Counter is built in.