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SR-130F8-3 3-color tag-less/ label screen printer

SR-130F8-3 3-color tag-less/ label screen printer

Guangdong Ever Bright Printing Machine Fty. Ltd.


Uploaded on 4 years ago

3-color high speed tag-less/ label screen printer

Application range:
Super fast tag-less/label screen printer in textile industry .
The screen printing for tag greatly increases your production speed up to 1200 units per hour.

Technical data
Standard printing area: 130 x 100mm
Max. printing speed: 1200 pcs/hr
Rated power: 4300W
Air consumption (L/Min): 25 liter/min 6 bar
Outline dimension: 1470x1380x1480mm
Weight (Kg): 220kg
*The printing area available can be extended to 130x200mm.

1. PLC control, human-computer interface, clear function display and easy operation.
2. 3-color flat screen printing and dried by infrared ray.
3. Suitable for general ink and small area screen frame printing such as T-shirt tag-less labels.
4. Eight stations driven by step motor to ensure stable and smooth running.
5. Angle and height of squeegee and flood bald can be adjusted to ensure consistent printing pressure.
6. Screen stencil of the second and third colors can be finely adjusted front/back, left/right.
7. Eight stations rotary worktable, one for loading, three for printing, three for IR drying, and one for unloading. Eight station works simultaneously with high speed.