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SPC-A262 bottle cap pad printer

SPC-A262  bottle cap pad printer

Guangdong Ever Bright Printing Machine Fty. Ltd.


Uploaded on 4 years ago


Auto 2-Color bottle cap pad printer with sealed ink cups and corona treatment

Application range:
Bottle caps, 1 to 2 colors decoration printing

Technical Data:

Bottle cap size: fi 30mm X 20mm or other sizes are possible
Standard plate size: 100mm X 250mm
Ink cup diameter: fi 90mm
Max. Printing speed: 5000 pcs/hr
Air consumption: 600L/min
Outline dimensions: 1480 X 1920 X 1720mm
Weight: 480kg


1. Equipped with corona treatment device to print PP and PE bottle Cap
2. Very stable movement of conveyor worktables ensuring a perfect color registration
3. Equipped with high quality feeding and unloading device. Efficient and quiet.
4. Feeding and unloading device driven by PLC control panel
5. Equipped with air blow dryer
6. Rigid aluminum casting machine frame.