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SP-A28RD1 automatic pad printer

SP-A28RD1 automatic pad printer

Guangdong Ever Bright Printing Machine Fty. Ltd.


Uploaded on 4 years ago

Fully automatic pad printer with turntables for table tennis balls
Application Range:
Spherical substrates such as golf balls/table tennis ball/stress balls

Technical Data:
Stations distance: 174mm
Steel plate size: 200 X 150mm
Max. Printing speed: 800 (pcs/hr)
Air consumption: 350L/min
Rated power: 500w
Rated voltage: 1 phase AC 220V±10% 50HZ
Rated current: 5A
Noise (dB): < 80
Outline dimensions: 1885 x 1500 x 2480 mm
Weight: 400 kg


1. 2-color pad printer with turntable conveying work pieces
2. Fully automatic loading system
3. Rigid and motor driven conveyor
4. Built in jigs for positioning of work pieces
5. 2-color independent and adjustable ink tray base for easy and accurate color registration
6. Optional hot air blower