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Hot Stamping Machine with Conveyor

Application Range:
Cosmetic bottles printing
Any tube forms work-piece printing

Technical Data:
Rubber Roller Size: 100x180mm
Fixture Length: 178mm
Substrate Size: 6~20x170mm
Temperature Range: Amibent~280
Pressure Range: 2138 N (7 bar)
Max. Stamping Speed: 2000 pcs/hr
Air Consumption: 281L/min
Power: 1200W
Outline Dimensions: 1860x1200x1740mm
Weight: 363kg

Programmer controller and LCD display ensure easy operation
Stamping pressure, temperature and speed are adjustable;
5-digit auto counter is built in
Auto foil loading and taking off, suitable for batch production of cosmetics and pens
Step motor for foil collecting improves printing precision
High precision photo sensor is adopted to monitor and control feeding of foil with dots and a timer is used for the foil without dots;
Rubber roller contacts with substrates in rotation form and the stamping head is adjustable.
The height of printing head is adjustable.