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H-05/20 conical heat transfer machine

H-05/20 conical heat transfer machine

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Auto conical heat transfer machine

Application range:
Conical cups decoration printing
Conical bins decoration printing

Technical data
Stamp plate size: 400x300mm
Max. Stamp speed: 500 pcs /hr
Heating wattage: 3000W
Stamp head stroke: 73mm
Stamp temp. Range: ambient~ 280
Max. Stamp pressure: 2500kgf (7bar)
Power supply: 220/110V 60/50 Hz
Outline dimensions: 1060x980x1910mm
Air consumption: 165 litre/min
Weight: 350kg


1. Siemens LOGO PLC is used for control together with LCD display to ensure high reliability and stability.
2. Omron temp. Controller is adopted, so temp. Control is accurate and reliable.
3. Adjustment on stamping pressure, temperature and speed available.
4. Lever mechanism design provides strong pressure.
5. Adjustment available on worktable front/rear, left/right and plane angle.
6. Foil feeding and collecting are automatic and adjustable.
7. The foil with dots can be traced and controlled with a photo sensor installed.
8. Protection device ensures the operator's safety.
9. The adjusting range of stamping height is wide, so substrate with large size can be printed.