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TCK•W Wire Rope Real-time Inspection System

TCK•W Wire Rope Real-time Inspection System

TCK-W Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 3 years ago

1. High inspection precision, strong resolution and stable performance: “Weak magnetism sensor” technology invented uniquely by our company, its sensitivity is 700 times higher than traditional tester. The sensor has strong resolution, and can inspect quantitatively actual wire rope flaws under various working status.
2. Small volume and light weight: the weight of W® portable flaw detector is less than 2kg, which is only 1/6—1/20 of similar products at home and abroad.
3. Easy operation: W® inspection system realizes intelligent “fool” operation; on-line lock or unlock only needs 1 second; it only needs one person to operate, and the operation is much easier than using a mobile phone.