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Top Quality Alfalfa Hay

Top Quality Alfalfa Hay

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Top Quality Alfalfa Hay, We have Alfalfa Hay in bales in stocks. we deliver worldwide , and at very competitive prices .
Our firm is engaged in offering a wide range of animal feed such as meat bone meal, sunflower meal soyabean which is a distinct part of various dishes. Enriched with huge amount of protein, ...

Quality Alfalfa Hay Bales

We can supply year-round top quality alfalfa bales as per customer requirements of nutrition value or size of bales.

Double pressed (20kg)

We source bales from Ukraine . Because of our presence in several markets, we have the ability to procure and meet the demands of customers throughout the year for animal feed products.

Alfalfa hay is perennial herb that have compound leaves with three leaflets and clusters of blue-violet flowers. It is a member of the legume family and is also known as lucerne. It contains high quality protein and is known for its high digestibility.