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Water Capsule demonstration

Water Capsule demonstration

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Water Capsule GD-1001 Description
※ Weight: 188g
※ Materials: PP/PE/ABS/POM/Stainless Steel/Silicon
※ Normal size: 20.5x7.5 cm
※ Trademark: Water capsule
※ Limitation of water pressure: 105PSI
※ Patent: U.S.A/U.K/Germany/France/A.U/Taiwan
Water Capsule Feature
※Exclusive adjustable volume control valve.
※Easy to connect with hose and other cleaning device.
※Built-in cleaner tank, compatible with cleaners, pesticides, liquid waxes and fertilizers.
※Transparent Indicator on cleaner tank, easy for measurement.
※ Warning:Water Capsule cannot use with compressor or high-pressure motor.