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EverExceed Global Promotion on VRLA Batteries

EverExceed Global Promotion on VRLA Batteries

EverExceed Industrial Co.,Ltd.


Uploaded on 4 years ago

Good news from EverExceed!
The global promotion of 2016 sweeps again! Grasp it and don’t miss it!
To thanks for our customers’ long-term support and trust, our sales champion products (Deep Cycle AGM batteries, High Rate Range Batteries and Standard Range Batteries) will keep on the global promotion from June to October in 2016. These hot products will keep on 20% off discount. The details are showing as below:
Products Discount Specification MOQ Valid Date
Deep Cycle AGM Battery 20% OFF 12 V 100Ah 600 PCS June to October in 2016
High Rate Battery
Standard Battery

Please pre-order ASAP! Let’s go now!

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