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Hollow aluminum shutters energy-saving

Hollow aluminum shutters energy-saving

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Insulating glass blinds is a new built-in energy-saving shade products, generally use the manual and electric to control lighting, shading. Relying on advanced technology, louvers integrally mounted within the hollow glass, the product not only saves space, but also to achieve the purpose of shade, but also has insulation and noise abatement features, and to the building and interior with new vision.

Whether summer or winter, adjust the angle of the blinds to shade light or heating, the air conditioning energy consumption greatly reduced. It is estimated that blinds closed up to 40% energy saving effect. As a result of double glass structure, wind strength and resistance to external impact force is high, and coastal high-rise building is more appropriate. The product can also replace the traditional partition walls, etc.

Hollow glass doors and windows with blinds built daylight regulation, windows and doors shade products. Louvers installed in the insulating glass, not only to retain Stocks louver beautiful and practical features, but also overcome the shortcomings tracery one hundred Ye Qingjie trouble. Meanwhile, both sound and thermal insulation, excellent energy saving features.