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EverExceed Lithium ion phosphate batteries

EverExceed Lithium ion phosphate batteries

EverExceed Industrial Co.,Ltd.


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EverExceed R&D department has newly developed the EverExceed Lithium ion phosphate batteries for a long-lasting, eco-friendly energy solution.

Enjoy your golf trip safely without worrying power off! If you have EverExceed Lithium ion phosphate batteries, you have the best power choice for golf trolleys!

EverExceed Lithium ion phosphate batteries featured with light weight & compact size, are set to deliver high rating up to 2C discharge amps, which make your golf trolley able to go far distance at a higher speed compared to traditional VRLA battery.

1 Hour Fast Charging to Full Capacity! This feature will greatly improve the golf club golf trolley service efficiency. And Excellent Deep Cycle Ability with 2000+ cycles at 100% DOD! Easy to replace lead acid battery and only 30~50% weight of VRLA battery ,So the golf club can invest less golf trolleys and serve more people. A reliable Battery Management System (BMS) built-in guarantees the safety operation. Automatic perfect protection against over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge, over-temperature. cover to ensure the top quality and the batteries with features of long cycle life, large current discharge capability, high reliability and safety, and environmental-friendly. which will have huge needs in the global market.

Supply worldwide reliable power solutions with continuous innovative technologies, which is always EverExceed's mission. We will continue to produce high-quality products with advanced technologies. Thanks for your long-time support again! Enjoy your golf trip safely!

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June 1st,2016