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Air Conveying System

Air Conveying System

Zhangjiagang Summit Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 4 years ago

Air conveyor, also called as air conveying system, or air flow conveyor, or pneumatic conveyor, is designed to convey empty PET, HDPE or other lightweight plastic bottles and are most often installed between the bottle blowing machine, bottle unscrambler and the filling machine.

Air conveying system plays an important role in a bottling line. Air conveyors are ideal for conveying plastic bottles or containers quickly and efficiently in high speed bottling lines. The air conveyor is a buffer link between the downstream and upstream packing machines, with max. production capacity at 72,000 bottles per hour. During the transport, bottles are held by their necks, the air conveyor is equipped with adjustable guard-rail which makes the conveyor compatible with bottles of different designs. Height of conveyors can also be adjusted.

This video is air conveying system manufactured by Jiangsu Summit Packaging Machinery CO., Ltd. working in a water bottling plant.