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MT5-215 Fresh Noodle Making Machine

MT5-215 Fresh Noodle Making Machine

Nanjing Yangzi Grain & Oil Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd


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The fresh noodle making machine and the semi-dried noodle making machine adopt the technology of vacuum dough mixing and photoelectric control and are the international advanced equipment for production of high-end flour products. This set of equipment is composed of vacuum dough mixer, belt dough aging and feeding machine (disk-type dough aging machine), compound rolling sheeters, continuous rolling sheeters and the automatic control system. The whole set of equipment is featured by reasonable design and fine manufacturing with high degree of automation. Besides, #304 stainless steel or other food-grade materials are adopted for the parts that contact the dough and its products. Thus the finished products not only possess high quality but also are characterized by safety, hygiene and reliability.