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10kg Agriculture UAV Crop Sprayer Drone

10kg Agriculture UAV Crop Sprayer Drone

Shenzhen GC Electronic Co, Ltd


Uploaded on 3 years ago

The model of JMR-V1200 is an economical and practical spraying platform, it is designed for farmers who possess 100-500 acres of planting scales. Using JMR-V1200 agricultural drone can reduce working costs effectively and improve the working efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual spraying, it reduces the labor intensity of the workers and avoids workers breathing pesticide particles. In order to optimize the structure design, this agricultural drone has been tested many times. The drone has the advantages of flexible and stable, simple operation, safe and reliable, simple maintenance and low maintenance costs. It applies to the the majority of agricultural users.

1, The fuselage uses the enclosed design and effectively prevents the pesticide to enter the interior of the flight control system. It can provide working security for a long time.

2, The agricultural drone has built-in GPS and compass module. It provides a flight function with fixed height and fixed point and can maintain a good operation of spraying height and accurate spraying line.
It can set and limit the height of spraying and it also can limit the flight speed. The effect of liquid atomizing is good in high-pressure spraying system. Under the air pressure, pesticide fog has a characteristic of strong penetrating. Pesticide particles can reach the stem and the back of leaves of crops.

3, Its function component has a modular design, and it is convenience for maintenance and upgrade.